Microsoft Money Shots

click on the images for a larger version. most significant figures have been blanked out.

The home page gives you an overview of
  • your account balances
  • upcoming bills / checks
  • worst and best performing investments
  • proportion of your income to expense for the last month
  • transactions you flagged for furter review
  • projected cashflow
"Income and spending over time" report shows income and spending over time (right)... Usually it's nice to see income being larger than the expenses... the few months where the expense is larger than income is months the tuition bill was due on.
This sample monthly report shows how much I earned/spent/saved on a given month and compares it to the previous months. The pie charts show where the bulk of the money went to.
This report shows historical balances for a particular account. This makes it look like the credit card has never been paid off in full, but it's actually a side effect of there being charges posted in between the bill issue date and the payment date. For example, if the balance for June is 100 dollars and it's due on July 10th, and I spend 10 dollars between July 1 and July 10, the account total on July 10 is $110, so when the $100 payment is recieved, it looks like $10 wasn't paid for in full, but it's actually going to be paid for next month.
Asset allocation accross investments. This is not as cool as it looks because I had to manually enter allocations for individual mutual funds.
This is my favorite report because it shows your total net worth (except for investments) by adding up your assets and subtracting your liabilities. On this report, the lines represent balances of individual accounts (including money I owe friends and money friends owe me) while the yellow "mass" shows the total value of the combined accounts. Here, the history goes back into the poor college students days. This report could be used to project future cash flow based on your current cash flow but I am don't rely on it.